DDS Executive Search offers placement and recruitment services in the banking, finance and legal sectors

Our main goal is to maximise human resource potential by acting as the link between
the needs of our clients and those of our candidates. We have put in place a structured approach
which starts with a rigorous analysis of the company. The analysis is carried out with respect
to the company’s needs and its culture, and it is followed through right up until the follow-up
of the appointment of the successful candidate. It is not just about putting forward the candidates
that have all of the required technical competencies; we also believe that the human qualities
must correspond to the core values of the company in order to meet everyone’s expectations.
In addition to a personalised follow-up with each candidate, we attach great importance
to the issues of moral philosophy, code of ethics, and confidentiality. We are convinced that
the strict application of these basic principles enables the foundation of long-term relationships,
and builds confidence with our principal representatives.

Our methodology is structured in the following way:

  1. Analysis of the business
  2. Definition of the desired profile
  3. Selection of potential candidates
  4. Presentation of complete applications
  5. Follow-up of appointments: contact with the candidate and the organisation is maintained after appointment in order to ensure a smooth integration